Riding along the Rhine

15 push-ups. You wouldn't think it's such a big deal, but when I started several weeks ago, I couldn't even do one right. Now it's elbows out. Down and up, slow and easy. Walking and biking has been much the same experience. The more you do, the easier it becomes. For six weeks, I've been walking my 2+ miles each way from the apartment to the office and, by now, it's just part of the routine. Biking most days, too. Usually up around the canals that border the city of Strasbourg proper. Or down the canal toward Illkirch-Graffenstaden or out in the country toward Molsheim.
The 15 push-ups may be coming easier now, but I found out you can still overdo it. On Sunday, I biked across the Rhine to Germany and then headed south, farmland on one side, the Rhine on the other. Got down to the lock and watched the sailboats and then headed back north and west across the bridge back to Strasbourg. Beautiful country, but by the time I got back, I was glad to get off the bike and limp into my apartment!
Supper time was probably my last meal with Larry and Eleanor Miller, my Mennonite World Conference hosts for my volunteer work and my house hosts as well. The work has been good but their company has been even better. The older I get, the more I realize how precious friendship is and Larry and Eleanor have been the best. I've had space here, space I needed to begin to sort out some things for the future, but they've been close by and have welcomed me into their household for these weeks. I'll be heading home this week, but we'll be looking forward to hosting Larry and Eleanor in our house for a meal in early July.
Somewhere over the Rhine(bow) may not have been exactly what Judy Garland sung, but these weeks have sure been a good adventure for me. But now, it's time to get back to Kansas-, I mean, Indiana.


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