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Stepping on by

God executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the strangers, providing them with food and clothing. Deut. 10:18

10,000 steps every day. That's just over five miles.  I have a dogged determinedness to reach my goal each and every day. And I've reached my goal every day since the beginning of last June. 

In late October I was in O'Hare international airport in Chicago on my way to Indonesia. I knew I would have difficulty reaching my daily goal if I didn't do some serious walking in the airport terminal. Too much sitting in airplanes was ahead.

And so I was moving at quite a clip through the O'Hare concourses trying to get in as many steps as possible before my flight boarded. 

Then I passed by a family that, even at the rate I was moving, I noticed looked quite out of place. From Africa, the way it looked. All five family members had on heavy winter coats. This on what was a mild October day in the Chicago area.

And so I stopped, steps or not, to take a cl…