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Dreaming of a better life

Community leaders in Pichilin, Colombia with the memorial for those who died.

It is the farmer who does the work who ought to have the first share of the crops. II Timothy 2:6
On December 4, 1996, a group of paramilitaries gathered the villagers of Pichilin, Colombia, shot and killed 12 of them and burned down many of the villagers’ houses. The next day, the 12 bodies were displayed in 12 different nearby communities in the coastal region as a warning not to participate with the resisting forces.
Most of the remaining 400 villagers left their village, becoming part of the five million other internally displaced Colombians over the years who have fled violence in the rural regions for the cities.
Seventeen years after the massacre, the memory of the 12 who died is still fresh in the minds of those in Pichilin. Only about a third of the villagers have returned.
Sembrandopaz (sowing peace), one of MCC’s partners in Colombia, is the only organization, including the government, that has offe…

A theology of the heart

Marina Forero and David Bonilla with their children, Ian and Aisha

You can't eat guns